Edgard A. Zuñiga L.

Name: Edgard A. Zuñiga L.
Country: Nicaragua
Former UniversityKun Shan University, Tainan, Taiwan R.O.C.
Current programme: TIL - Transport Infrastructure & Logistics
Linkedin: Edgard A. Zuñiga Leon-York
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Edgard A. Zuniga L.

Hi guys/girls,

I am Edgard Zuñiga, a Nicaraguan student currently in the TIL MSc Program. Ever since I graduated from high school back in Managua, I haven’t been in the country for too long at a time. I decided to study abroad for my Bachelor’s, and ended up in Taiwan, studying mechanical engineering.

The reason behind my decision to come to TU Delft was pretty straight forward. Even though I had never considered studying in The Netherlands, something drew me to their innovation environment. Everything I saw with their name on it was revolutionary, in one way or another, ranging from the Nuna solar car to the Ocean clean-up system. I first found out about them in Youtube, so if you ever end up here and haven’t seen their videos, I highly recommend watching them. Not minding too much about rankings, I was surprised to find out TU Delft’s Civil Engineering Faculty is actually top 5 in the world! This will be seen and experienced by you if you decide to study here. Professors are top researchers in their fields and the courses are interactive and dynamic.

So you may be asking yourself, so what about all the stuff that needs to be done to get here? that is why I’m here today, to tell you all about TU Delft and the experience that comes along with it. I’m available in different networks, so you can ask any specific question you have about coming here to study for your MSc. I am here to help you with anything you need, so don’t be shy to ask anything, we can even analyze your options to give you a better idea of what you should aim for.

Cualquier pregunta, aqui estamos para ayudarte. Asi que cero pena y animo para aplicar a esta incredible universidad.

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