Karishma Asarpota

Name: Karishma Asarpota
Country: India
Former University: Manipal Institute of Technology
Programme: Urbanism
Email: karishma108@remove-this.gmail.com
 Karishma Asarpota

Karishma Asarpota

Having been born and brought up in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and studied in India and the United States, I consider myself to be a global citizen. I am currently pursuing a M.Sc. in Urbanism at the Facultiet Bowkunde in TU Delft. The learning style at TU Delft gives you the flexiblity to discover your interests while giving you an opportunity to experience the way things work in your chosen profession in the Netherlands.  

After my undergraduate degree I worked with the local municipality back home before making the decision to apply to Delft. Researching for programs and choosing the school I wanted to go to was a big task that took many months. I felt like information about the application process and academic environment at TU Delft is not provided through a strong channel to prospective students back home. I would have appreciated some assistance and am happy to help anyone considering applying to TU Delft and looking for some answers!

In my free time I enjoy outdoor sports, writing (I am a blogger as well), playing the violin and traveling. Before you get here I would advice you to learn to cook some of your favorite meals and make sure you know how to ride a bike!

Wishing you the best of luck with the application process and a happy transition into your new life in Delft!


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