Luisa Fernanda Torres

Name: Luisa Fernanda Torres
Country: Colombia
Former University:  Universidad de los Andes –Civil Engineer
Programme: Hydraulic Engineering – Specialization: Flood Risk
 Luisa Fernanda Torres

Luisa Fernanda Torres

As a Civil Engineer interested in Hydraulics, it was only natural to look up to the Netherlands as an international reference for water Management. For me, it is clear that the challenges that water will pose to humanity in the upcoming years will require all our preparation and knowledge in order to minimize some effects of the actual climate change. The TU Delft has in my opinion one of the world’s leading MSc. programmes in hydraulics and therefore, this is the “place to be” if you want to push the frontiers of knowledge! The quality of the professors, and the fact that you are being teach by people involved in top research and professional projects, just helps you widen your horizon and become a more versatile Engineer

As a new student you are always filled up with questions and although the university has a great website and a platform with all relevant information about your studies and the application process, sometimes the information is so overwhelming that you get lost in the process.

As a former applicant, I had many questions, and thankfully the Ambassador Program helped me throughout the process. Now that I am on the other side, I would like to do the same for other future students, helping them clarify their questions and giving them additional tips to start off on the right foot their path at TU Delft.

Besides my study I love to travel and cook, so I’m planning to travel as much as I can around Europe and maybe learn some cool recipes on my way. I also love to learn new Languages and cultures (I lived in Colombia, Brazil and New York); so on the upcoming months I’ll be joining the Dutch classes to get the full Dutch experience!

Have you heard about the Mooc’s of TU Delft? The chances that you find an online course from your field of study before coming to the University are really high, so give it a try and get a sneak preview of your professors and the study method!

Train in your bike to feel safe manoeuvring with only one hand or even without any! You will learn that it will be very useful, especially when you realize that you need to use hand signals to let other people know what you intend to do.

Hola! Si TU Delft está dentro de tus opciones de estudio y tienes preguntas, no dudes en contactarme! Estoy acá para ayudarte a entender como funciona la Universidad. Espero verte pronto! Yo también pase por el proceso y te puedo asegurar que la perspectiva de un estudiante te ayuda a entender y a prepararte mejor para la nueva aventura que emprenderás. Saludos!

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