Pamela Nunez Araya

Name: Pamela Nunez Araya
Country: Costa Rica
Former University:  Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica
Programme: Management of Technology
 Pamela Nunez Araya

Pamela Nunez Araya

Why did I choose Delft? It is simple: I choose it because it has an excellent international reputations, its online application process is easy to follow and because it offers high quality master programs in English.

Even though the online process to apply is very straight forward, I had no guidance about what master program was a better fit for my academic and profesional aspirations. In my opinion, just reading a website is not enough to decide such an important step in your life! Thus, I would like to be part of the team that help prospect students (like you) to make the right decision by facilitating the right information.

Delft is a lovely city! You can find groups according to your hobbies and interests. I am very satisfied to be part of a yoga studio where I have been able to get to know more about the Dutch culture, but at the same time make friends from different parts of the world.

TIP: Be aware that bread, beer and cheese might not be your ideal food! ;)

Esta nueva etapa de mi vida me ha brindado la facilidad de poder apreciar el mundo desde una perspectiva mas amplia. El proceso de selección de universidad puede ser abrumador, para eso estamos a tu disposition. Cualquier duda, consulta o inquitud, sabes que podes contar con nosotros :)

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