Pedro Lozada Ayala

Name: Pedro Lozada Ayala
Country: Colombia
Former University: Universidad del Norte
Programme: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, Electrical Sustainable Energy Track
 Pedro Lozada Ayala

Pedro Lozada Ayala

Hello everyone!

My name is Pedro Lozada Ayala and I am from Colombia. I decided to come to TU Delft, not only because it is one of the best universities in the world, but for the fact that the topics that I like to work on are aligned with the research that is being carried out by the Intelligent Electrical Power Grids (IEPG) group, which have been awarded several European research projects in the field of integrating sustainable energy. Here, students also have the opportunity to do an internship before starting their theses. I plan to do an internship at a large power transmission company to apply what I have learned in my classes.

I know that choosing the right university is not an easy task, and especially when it is abroad and you do not have the opportunity to visit it in advance, so it is very important to do this thoroughly. Do not choose the best university on the top of a ranking list, just because it is the first; choose the best university for you based on your goals, what you like doing and what the university excels in.

I became a student ambassador after realizing how important their help was when I was considering applying to TU Delft. Now I want to share my experience through the application process and the student life in the ESE track at the EEMCS Faculty with all the prospective students interested in the same topic, therefore do not hesitate to contact me about professors, research projects, live in Delft, student activities or any other doubt that you might have.

Be ready to bike every day and make sure to improve your cooking skills before coming to Delft!

Atrévete a tener una experiencia de vida que combina excelencia académica con los retos de la convivencia en un ambiente internacional en una de las mejores universidades del mundo, ¡en TU Delft!

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