Qiaoqiao Li

Name: Qiaoqiao Li
 Country: China
Former University: University of Edinburgh
Programme: Master Embedded Systems
Email: q.li-5@remove-this.student.tudelft.nl
 Qiaoqiao Li

Qiaoqiao Li

It was the industrial connections with a large amount of companies TU Delft could provide that drove me to apply for TU Delft. I was doing Electrical Engineering for my bachelor. Master in Embedded Systems is a good combination of hardware and software. This is another solid reason why I chose to study in TU Delft. Back when I was applying for TU Delft, I wondered how the studies in here would actually look like, which company former graduates really work in, as well as the housing, registration in Gemeente and stuff. Therefore, I decided to join this wonderful Student Ambassador team, hoping to help prospective students who have similar questions as me.

There is indeed a pile of internship opportunities in the Netherlands. I am now doing an internship in Amsterdam, where I could apply both my hardware and software knowledge. And I will probably continue my Thesis Project here or find another company, which suits my interests.

If you find it awkward identifying merchandises in the supermarket, you can take the free Dutch courses for credits in TU Delft. A good news is that we now have English announcements on the train!

Any questions regarding application, housing, and life experience? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

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