Robbie van Leeuwen

Name: Robbie van Leeuwen
 Country: Australia
Former University: The University of Sydney
Programme: MSc Structural Engineering
 Robbie van Leeuwen

Robbie van Leeuwen

Hoi! My name is Robbie van Leeuwen and I’m a master’s student from Australia studying an MSc in Structural Engineering. I chose to study at TU Delft because the civil engineering faculty here is one of the best in the world, offering a wide variety of subjects and specialisations, while also carrying out cutting edge research. Also, my grandfather was born here in The Netherlands, so I’m enjoying learning more about Dutch culture and I soon hope to learn Dutch!

Going through the university admission process and moving halfway around the world was no mean feat. There’s lots of bureaucracy to deal with and there’s a lot of information to process! On top of that, I decided to find my own apartment to rent in Rotterdam, which came with its own unique challenges. The TU Delft Ambassadors were really helpful during my application, so now that I’ve gone through the process myself I’m more than happy to help out all the future TU Delft students in any way that I can!

On top of my studies I’m taking a Furniture Design course at TU Delft Sports & Culture – it’s a creative and fun way to take my mind off the rigours of study. I also really love to cycle, so I’m definitely in the perfect country to take advantage of that! My commute to university from Rotterdam is quick and cheap and follows a canal through farmland and, best of all, it’s pancake flat!

Don’t forget to bring something to keep yourself dry and warm; also get yourself a bike as soon as possible and make sure it’s comfortable – exploring The Netherlands is best done on two wheels!

Feel free to get in contact with me if you have any questions at all about TU Delft!

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