Ronald David Cumbal...

Name: Ronald David Cumbal Guérron
 Country: Ecuador
Former University: Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas (ESPE)
Programme: MSc Mechanical Engineering – Control Engineering Track
 Ronald Cumbal

Ronald David Cumbal Guérron

I’ve always shared the idea that big challenges show the true essence of someone’s being. The same thought guided me to look for a competitive, high-ranked university where I could pursue a graduate program on an exciting field of science and technology. TU Delft was the obvious choice and one of the best decision I’ve made in my life. Nevertheless, the application period proved to be quite complicated and cumbersome, as many international students would agree. It was a rational decision to apply for a position as an Ambassador to provide a helping hand to fellow applicants. I’m glad to assist in any problem international students might encounter during their application. I know how translations, official documents, transactions and significant little details can produce nightmares for applicants, I will be glad to easy the stress as much as I can.

I’d also like to mention that TU Delft presents many opportunities to build a strong professional career, from top level lecturers to world competitive projects. The latter proved to be an outstanding experience for me, as I worked as part of the MARCH Exoskeleton Team in the last part of my first year. It provided a great opportunity to develop my practical abilities and increase my knowledge in many fields of technology. Be sure to read about the many projects that are being assembled inside the facilities of TU Delft, you can start your research with the famous Dream Teams in TU Delft.

Me encuentro en total disposición para solucionar cualquier duda que puedan tener acerca del proceso de admisión. Si desean conocer algo más acerca de mi experiencia, o la vida de estudiante en general dentro de esta universidad, no duden en contactarme. ¡Éxitos!

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