Wioletta Sarara

Name: Wioletta Sarara
 Country: Poland 
Former University: Politechnika Wrocławska, Poland and Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Programme: MSc Architecture
Email: wiola.sarara@remove-this.gmail.com
 Wioletta Sarara

Wioletta Sarara

As every architecture student knows TU Delft is one of the best universities in the world. For plethora of people it is a dream to get in…. but what to do when you get in! TU Delft is not only about studying!! City is fulfilled with international students, you can join any associations and expand your fields of interest and Sports&Culture centre offers a huge amount of activities and courses, while during the evening you can hang out with friends and join them on one of the faculty events.

When I was applying to TU Delft I was curious but at the same time terrified. Lots of questions were on mine’s mind like: “if I provide all required documents or I forgot about something?”,  “how it will be studying abroad?”, “if I manage with the workload at uni?”. I found TU Delft Student Ambassadors but still I was not sure if I can bother them with my doubts…. Yes!! You can!! We are here to help you with any matter… even with the funniest ones! Ask! Don’t be scared! We all get through this! :D

So yes! I’m finally here! And how is it? Pretty cool! I’m always trying to divide study from my free time. So after guest lectures at the faculty, I usually spend my free time in Sports&Culture centre. Apart from variety of fitness classes, I’m finally realizing my dream attending to ballet classes as well as I continue windsurfing by joining the club. There are so many activities and clubs that you will never get bored! And if you will….don’t forget that you have the whole Europe to explore during weekend trips! :D

Ask! Don’t be scared! Better to ask the way than go astray!!
Follow your dreams!
This is your time in life! Make it happen!
Take advantage of every moment! Don’t let the world to pass by! Wanderlust and be happy!

Uwierz w siebie i aplikuj!! Dostanie się tu na studia wcale nie jest takie trudne jak Ci się wydaje!!

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