Yuanyuan Wang

NameYuanyuan Wang
Country: China
Former UniversityHarbin Institute of Technology
Current programme: Aerospace Structure and Material
Linkedin: Yuanyuan Wang
: Ambassadors

Yuanyuan Wang

My name is Yuanyuan (Yolanda) Wang from China. I obtained my Bachelor Diploma in  Aerospace Composite in China. I finished my courses and internship in the first academic year in the Netherland and am doing my graduation project now.

There are some reasons, like English environment, high quality education, one research year for seeking job, and so on, that promote me to be a master here. The most attractive thing to me is there are so many “dream teams (Eco-runner, Formula Student Team...)” that we could be part of them. That is an effective way to put what we learnt in practice. Also, in aerospace, there are lots of cooperation between TU and some famous aviation companies, like Airbus, Boeing, Fokker and KLM. For a future aerospace engineer, that means what you learn from lectures and what experiment you do in lab is exactly what you will do in your career.

Studying in TU is very busy, especially in aerospace and you will feel pressured sometimes. However, the nice thing is that the professors and technicians here are experienced, friendly and patient. You could always discuss problems and get support.

Living in Delft is convenient. For traveling, there are cheap buses to Paris and Brussels, and it only takes 40 mins to Amsterdam by train. For food, except normal supermarket, the Asian food could be found in Delft.

So, if you have any question about internship, living and studying here, or how to look for house, please feel free to contact me. I will try my best to help you.


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