Cleantech Incubation Europe

Supporting the clean technology SME’s

Cleantech Incubation Europe (CIE) focuses on supporting and stimulating entrepreneurs & SME's working in the field of clean technology (green, sustainable products, services and processes).

The field of cleantech is new and many municipalities and cities try to formulate stronger and more effective policies around clean tech incubators. They notice it is not only necessary to set up an incubator, but also to have complementary policies to provide a positive business climate. CIE helps authorities to chose suitable policy interventions/instruments, attuned to their own local/regional situation. CIE is based on a partnership consisting of partners from Delft (lead partner), Helsinki, Budapest, London, Peterborough, Paris and Turin. The partners are cities/municipalities, universities and incubators (founded by the authorities). The universities and the incubators work on a daily basis with local/regional policy makers to support the clean tech SME’s with their business processes.  

Within the project these policy makers will attend the seminars as well and share their experiences, by which even more policy makers from the regions will be contributing. Project output will be five two day seminars in the different regions focused on sharing experiences by demonstrating the local/regional activities concerning clean tech incubation in the visited region and discussing bottlenecks and successful interventions. The programme of each seminar will contain two workshops: a returning workshop on best practices in the field of policy issues  versus setting up Cleantech incubators and a dedicated workshop with a specific theme, chosen by the project partners.


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