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High Tech Systems and Materials

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BLISP makes mobile devices more energy efficient

Date of application: 14.09.2015 | IPC Code: --
Mobile devices with passive radio do not need their own source of energy. However, their range is limited. Using active radio increases, read more...

Advanced Joystick Grasps Objects

Date of application: 10.12.2014 | IPC Code: --
Parallel haptic robots have never been able to grasp objects. Until now, that is. Researchers at TU Delft have invented an ingenious mechanical architecture which incorporates a grab as well as, read more...

New technique doubles resolution of conventional fluorescence microscopy

Date of application: 22.03.2013 | IPC Code: G06T
It takes a high level of accuracy and a high resolution of images to realise the best thinkable results from analysing images of for instance,  read more...

Terahertz scanning probe microscope

Date of application: 20.02.2013 | IPC Code: G01Q, G01N, H01Q
New materials require new instruments to understand and measure their complex electronic properties, Read more...

Bi-directional parallel spring mechanism

Date of application: 10.07.2014 | IPC Code: -
Improves performance robots and machines. This invention is very suitable for all machines with repetitive tasks as well as for robots, Read more...

Statically balanced brake

Date of application: 28.05.2014| IPC Code: -
A method to reduce the energy consumption and actuation force of brakes. Many applications require brakes, for instance to decelerate or, Read more...

New gas flowmeter

Date of application: 14.03.2014 | IPC Code: -
High accuracy, broad measuring range and very cost-effective. A team of TU Delft scientists succeeded in developing a new gas flowmeter without moving parts, Read more...

Flexible mould: robust solution

Date of application: 08.11.2013 | IPC Code: -
For manufacturing of freeform concrete elements. State of the art geometry-defining software nowadays allows for modelling, Read more...

New technology grows large single crystal graphene

Date of application: 31.01.2013 | IPC Code: --
As world’s thinnest material with superior electron mobility, mechanical strength and thermal conductivity, graphene is a very promising material in relation to electronic applications. Read more...

Controllable auto-cleaving of photonic waveguides sets a new standard

Date of application: 27.05.2014 | IPC Code:  -
In order to utilize the light maximally, it is important that the end facets of a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) have a low surface roughness. Read more...

New method for contactless transport

Date of application:  06.11.2012 | IPC Code: -
Transportation of highly fragile products, like for instance silicon wafers, is a very delicate issue. Mechanical contact may result in, Read more...

Haptic feedback system

Date of application: 08.06.2010 | IPC Code: B60W50/08, B62D6/00, B62D15/02
As cars have become technically ever safer over the decades,drivers have remained largely the same. It can even be argued that, Read more...

Saxophone Mouthpiece

Date of application: 07.03.2012 | IPC Code: -
A state-of-the-art saxophone mouthpiece has been created by TU Delft inventors Jouke Verlinden and Zjenja Doubrovski. Read more...

A new process for the separation of zirconium and hafnium

Date of application: 15.05.2009 | IPC Code: C25C,C22B
From old-fashioned flashbulbs to newfangled body jewelry, zirconium can be found in many forms. As zirconium dioxide it, Read more...

Force Balanced Delta Robot shakes up robotics industry

Date of application: 05.05.2009 | IPC Code: B25J9/10, B25J17/02, B25J19/00
A shaking force balancer for Delta robots uses counterbalancing to minimize motioninduced vibrations. Read more...

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