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Med Tech

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Sampling, delivery and detection, all integrated in one microneedle

Date of application: 30.08.2014 | IPC Code: -
Measuring neurotransmitters directly in brains or in brain tissues requires big sample volumes and expensive lab equipment. Read more...

Revolutionary method to produce novel antibiotics on an industrial scale

Date of application: 19.12.2014 | IPC Code: -
Antibiotics have dramatically increased life expectancy by reducing mortality due to infectious diseases. Unfortunately, the spread of antibiotic resistance is a major threat to society. Read more...

Upper Limb Exoskeleton for the Rehabilitation of Post-Stroke Patients

Date of application: 06.12.2013 | IPC Code: -
Figures of the World Healthcare Organisation show that stroke is currently the leading cause of disability world-wide. This has major consequences. Read more...

New method to control release of active substance

Date of application: 25.02.2015 | IPC Code: -
A major drawback of the use of pharmaceutical tablets is that side-effects may occur due to a too high dosage. A new method to produce pharmaceuticals with a controlled release of the active substance. Read more...

Flexible Grasper: Perfect Balance between Sensitivity and Force

Date of application: 15.12.2014 | IPC Code: -
For surgeons, the ideal grasper can feel what is being grasped when performing precise and robust surgery. Read more...

Multi-mode grasper is all-round, smart and intuitive

Date of application: 08.10.2014 | IPC Code: -
Graspers are of great value to manipulate objects where a worksite is difficult to reach, especially during surgery. However, existing technology, read more...

Multi-steerable single-segmented medical instrument

Date of application: 09.01.2014 | IPC Code: -
A revolution in minimally-invasive surgery. The chances of a successful minimal invasive surgery, as for example intended for neurosurgery, read more...

Single-molecule Protein Sequencer changes the paradigm of proteomics

Date of application:  16.07.2012 | IPC Code: G01N
Recent breakthroughs in molecular biology have started the era of genomics and proteomics. This has brought hope to diagnose diseases such as cancer at the gene and protein level. Read more...

Tissue morcellator with greatly improved functionality

Date of application: 07.01.2013 | IPC Code: --
Biomechanical engineers from TU Delft and clinicians from Leiden University Medical Center have invented a novel improved tissue morcellator for usage in laparoscopic hysterectomy operations for large uteri. Read more...

Multishape catheter fits both patient and interventionalist

Date of application: 30.08.2013 | IPC Code: -
Endovascular intervention is gaining in importance. Prior art endovascular intervention is based on the consecutive use of a high number of different catheters per procedure. Read more...

Reliable Self-Screening for Skin Cancer: Optical Skin Scanner

Date of application: 24/04/2012 | IPC Code: A61B
Key to the treatment of skin cancer is early diagnosis. Early diagnosis means a high chance of complete recovery. Therefore, it is vital to have reliable scanning equipment. Read more...

Method localizes EEG electrode positions

Date of application: 28.11.2013 | IPC Code: -
People that are struck by a stroke are unsure of their recovery. By recording and pinpointing neural activity in the brain, Read more...

Spark discharge based generator

Date of application: 31.01.2012 | IPC Code: B22F, H01J
Increases nanoparticle production rate by factor 100. Nanoparticles are generated on behalf of the manufacturing of, Read more...

Chemical separation of Molybdenum

Date of application: 06.06.2008 | IPC Code: G21G
A new method for producing molybdenum-99 without the need for enriched uranium can bring an end to potential shortages of medical isotopes. Read more...

Abdominal cavity balloon

Date of application: 23.11.2005 | IPC Code: A61B
The abdominal cavity balloon can stop haemorrhaging during abdominal surgery, minimising the risk of infection, eliminating the need for further operations,and ultimately save lives. Read more...

Endocultivator: grow your own replacement joints

Date of application: 09.04.2009 | IPC Code: A61F, C12M, C12N
The endocultivator device can help the growth of new joints within the human body itself. The use of such in-vivo grown replacements would bypass the risks involved in the transplant of artificial joints. Read more...

Portable device for real-time wound characterisation

Date of application: 04.07.2012 | IPC Code: A61B, G01B
Translating electric potential difference into medical information. Surgeons can use the device to localise and characterise invisible wounds during an operation. Read more...

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