Grant voor congres over de rafelranden van het eigenwoningbezit

Nieuws - 11 augustus 2014 - Webredactie-OTB

De faculteit heeft samen met de universiteit van Cambridge, RMIT en Curtin University een Urban Studies Foundation Grant gewonnen om een 2-daags seminar te organiseren. Het doel van het seminar is een visie uit te werken voor een duurzaam huisvestingssysteem.The Edges of Home Ownerschip wordt gehouden in Delft op 30 september en 1 oktober 2014.

The aim of the seminar is to set out lines for a clear vision for a sustainable future for housing systems as a whole that are more inclusive and less tenure bound than those operating today. While the meaning, use and institutions of owner occupation vary across cultures and states, the edges of ownership, wherever they lie, constitute a neglected zone ‘in-between’ sustainable owner occupation and long-term rental in which the dilemmas of tenure-divided housing systems are played out. Establishing the extent and robustness of the evidence base is therefore an important new challenge and the first one being addressed by the seminar. The seminar will provide a platform for innovative analyses of datasets from different jurisdictions that produce them to shed light on these marginal spaces. Second, the myriad practical experiments at the edges, which have yet to be recognized will be discussed. Existing experiments span the development of novel tenure types in co-operative and shared ownership and extend to the financial innovations designed to separate the costs of procuring housing services from the risks and rewards of property investment. Much remains to be invented to improve the lives of disadvantaged and debt impoverished households. Third, the new evidence base combined with the financial innovations to lower the risks of homeownership will deliver ingredients for the design of a sustainable housing system.

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