€2.4m EC grant for the department of Values Technology and Innovation

Nieuws - 25 februari 2014

The department of Values, Technology and Innovation (VTI) at TPM receives funding from a €2.4m EC grant for a project on ‘The Economic Underpinnings of Social Technical Innovation’.

The department of  Values Technology and Innovation (VTI) at TPM will participate in a major EU Commission funded, four year research project focused on social technical innovation that will be coordinated by the University of Oxford. The team contributing to the grant application on behalf of TU Delft consisted of dr. Ilse Oosterlaken (section Ethics/Philosophy of Technology), dr. Ro Naastepad and prof. dr. Cees van Beers (section Economics of Technology and Innovation).

The project, entitled ‘Creating Economic Space for Social Innovations’ and involving eight universities in seven European countries, will start in March 2014. It has received a grant of €2.4m to explore the economic underpinnings of social technical innovation, with a particular focus on how policy and practice can enhance the lives of the most marginalised and disempowered citizens in society. The study will consider the drivers and structures that lead to such marginalisation and disempowerment and will investigate how interventions drawing on social technical innovations can address major economic, social and power imbalances and inequalities by building on the capability approach. The project is designed to inform EU Commission debates and policy initiatives on building smart economies that reduce inequality and socio-economic marginalisation across the Union. The project fits in the responsible innovations research focus of the department Values Technology and Innovation (VTI).

The PhD student who will work on the project will be supervised by prof. dr. Cees van Beers and dr. Ro Naastepad (Economics of Technology and Innovation).