'Predictive uncertainty' seminar

Nieuws - 19 maart 2015 - Webredactie

Op 1 april zal er een seminar worden gegeven met het onderwerp "Predictive uncertainty". Het seminar zal plaatsvinden tussen 13:00 en 17:00 op de Faculteit TBM in Zaal B.

The future is uncertain. Forecasting reduces this uncertainty but cannot eliminate it. Residual uncertainty remains. Risk – and safety management requires that these residual uncertainties are adequately characterised. Techniques for characterisation vary from probabilistic forecasting to scenario based forecasting, depending on the nature of the uncertainties.
The present seminar will highlight some techniques for characterising uncertainties about the future as well as approaches for managing these uncertainties for the purpose of decision-making and, in the context of hazard management, maintaining required safety levels. Speakers will discuss a range of uncertainties and decision-making approaches.

The seminar is organised at the occasion of the defence of the dissertation "Estimating real-time predictive hydrological uncertainty" by Jan Verkade. Registration can be done via the form.

The seminar is sponsored by Delft Safety & Security Institute (DSyS) and Delft Infrastructures & Mobility Initiative (DIMI).