‘Father of Wi-Fi’ Vic Hayes in CE Hall of Fame

Nieuws - 19 mei 2015 - Webredactie TBM

TPM senior research fellow Vic Hayes is being recognized for his leadership to develop the industry standard that paved the way to the ubiquitous wireless networking technology today known as “Wi-Fi.”

Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame

Hayes is one of eight people to be inducted in the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame later this year. Created in 2000 by the U.S. Consumer Electronics Association, the Hall of Fame honors visionaries in the technology industry who have advanced innovation. The 2015 CE Hall of Fame honorees include company founders and inventors, those who promote technology, and the retailers that market and deliver products to consumers.

Father of Wi-Fi

Hayes led the nine-year effort to tame the “wild west” of incompatible and competing wireless protocols and shepherding spectrum allocation issues to establish the Wi-Fi standard, earning him the honorable title of "Father of Wi-Fi." As 1961 engineering graduate of the Hogere Technische School, Amsterdam, Hayes served in the Dutch Air Force before working for Singer Business Machines and then NCR.  The effort to establish a system of wireless communication began in 1979 when the U.S. Federal Communications Commission initiated a study to assess the need for the civilian use of spread spectrum.  Hayes chaired the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers working group IEEE 802.11 charged with developing a wireless local area network standard.  His quiet, methodical leadership brought factions together and the Wi-Fi standard was adopted in September 1999.