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Mirek Kaminski, board member of Our Oceans Challenge is calling you, (future) maritime engineers, industry partners, scientists of all disciplines and TU Delft employees to participate in Our Oceans Challenge!

What is OOC?
Our Oceans Challenge is an initiative that acknowledges the difficult times that the industry is facing and is trying to bring all industry partners together. By identifying and aligning their most urgent challenges and posing them to the public on an open innovation platform, creative solutions can be developed without major costs. In turn, possible funding, start-up support and valuable offshore knowledge will be made available. There are five themes you can check out on this platform:

  • 1. Sustainable legacy
    How can you add value by (re-)using offshore structures? 
  • 2. Noise management
    How can you minimize noise impact of operations at sea for sub-sea life?
  • 3.     Waste management 
    How can the offshore industry contribute to cleaner oceans?
  • 4.     Big data big deal 
    How can the power of big data contribute to a sustainable offshore industry?
  • 5.     Ocean resources
    How can using its resources benefit the ocean and society?

Why this call for action now?

The health and productivity of the ocean are facing serious challenges. Due to growing world population and expanding oceanic economic activities, these pressures are only likely to increase.

There are opportunities to balance ocean protection with responsible use and exploitation of oceans space and resources. Creating a sustainable offshore industry is a challenge that needs to be taken up by the complete offshore industry. Now it’s time to move to action!


You can join Our Oceans Challenge (OOC) by identifying your most urgent sustainability challenges. on an open platform. Also you can share your ideas and/or opinion on this open platform!  Here you can sign in. We invite you to join and post ideas on the five challenge themes. In order to enrich and develop ideas all partners have appointed “Ocean Experts” who will share their knowledge to improve ideas. As an Ocean Expert, you will help refine solutions to sustainability challenges in cooperation with your colleagues and other offshore industry partners. With only one hour a week, you can make a difference in selecting the most viable solutions to the challenges. In short, as an Ocean Expert you will actively contribute to a sustainable future for the offshore industry!

The platform will be live during a three month period after which 10% of the best ideas are further developed. In the final three months the goal is to have 10 feasible business solutions or start-ups that will contribute to a sustainable offshore industry.

Spread the word!

Feel free to forward this message to your other colleagues of fellow students which in your opinion might be willing to act as an Ocean Expert. Also like our facebook and follow us on LinkedIn.

More information
Interested in becoming Ocean Expert? You can send an email to

For more information please contact:
Name: Mattijs Bolk
Telephone number: +31 71 57 99 108

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