WEpod autonomous vehicles operate as temporary bus service

Nieuws - 11 november 2016 - Secretariaat GRS

The WEpods project, in which an autonomous vehicle has been developed for the public road, enters a new phase. The WEpod is a vehicle without a steeringwheel or gas pedal, and can carry 6 passengers.

As published on the TU Delft website (http://www.tudelft.nl/en/current/latest-news/article/detail/autonoom-voertuig-wepod-gaat-tijdelijk-als-busdienst-rijden/), the WEpod will provide as a temporary bus service, and as such perform its first operational service.

The department of GRS has contributed to the WEpod by taking care of the positioning of the vehicle. A combination of sensors and sub-systems is used to perform this task. The absolute position is determined based on satellite navigation (GPS+GLONASS) which uses network corrections to reach cm-accuracy (RTK). An Inertial Navigation System (INS) and vehicle odometry are used to maintain the accuracy in case of reduced satellite reception. A fully redundant fall back is provided by a system which performs point-cloud matching based on 6 LIDARS (Laser Imaging Detection And Ranging) on board of the vehicle.