Best Graduate CEG: Joeri Brackenhoff

Nieuws - 05 december 2016 - Webredactie CiTG

From the faculty CEG, Joeri Brackenhoff has been nominated as Best Graduate. He finished the master track Geophysics (within the master programme Applied Earth Sciences) and obtained his degree in august 2016. His thesis was about the Marchenko effect. Since his graduation he has started a PhD at the department of Geoscience & Engineering, where he is continuing his research.

Joeri Brackenhoff explains the Marchenko effect below:

If you have ever thrown a stone into a pool of water you probably noticed that this stone caused waves in the water. These kinds of waves can also occur in the Earth due to a stronger source, such as dynamite. By recording the waves all around the source location we can get an understanding of the source and the medium, for example, the Earth. It is often not possible to record all around the source so mistakes are made when the waves are interpreted. A recent method called the Marchenko method is capable of using only part of the arriving waves to achieve the same results as when all the waves can be recorded. Applying this method is quite difficult however. My graduation project focused on making the application of this method possible on real data.

The complete masterthesis of Joeri can be found in the repository