Symposium: Using the Energy of the Sun to Drive Global Education

Nieuws - 25 januari 2016 - Delft Global Initiative

Wednesday 17 February 2016 - Solar energy is limitless, abundant and clean. It provides more energy than we could ever use. As a renewable energy source, it is practical, reliable and healthy for both people and the environment. When transformed into solar electricity, it enables people to connect with each other and obtain the global education they need.

At TU Delft’s Department of Electrical Sustainable Energy (ESE), they believe in the sun’s power to improve human quality of life and drive sustainable development throughout the world. In order to make a complete global transformation of our electricity supply and energy infrastructure a reality, they have developed a world-class solar energy education programme. The on-campus programme, supported by top-level research projects, free massive online open courses (MOOCs), and a newly-published book (and e-book) on solar energy, will train and raise up leaders and experts capable of engineering the energy systems of the future.

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