Doctoral Defence M. (Morteza) Abouhamzeh

Nieuws - 09 februari 2016 - G. van der Zaken

Title: Distortions and residual stresses of GLARE induced by manufacturing

Doctoral defence date
----24 Feb 2016 @ 12:30----


GLARE is used in fuselage panels for its improved fatigue and residual strength. In this thesis, predictive models are developed for residual stresses and distortions of GLARE induced by manufacturing.
Material behaviour of the epoxy adhesive and the glass-epoxy prepreg is characterised for thermal and curing circumstances. The derived temperature dependent viscoelastic properties can also be used in other applications in which time and/or temperature changes are of concern. 
The results of this research are important for three main reasons: first, the material thermoviscoelastic response is derived for the first time and the thermal properties differ from the ones already used in literature for the design of panels made of GLARE. Second, two new models are developed, applicable to any orthotropic material including Fibre Metal Laminates, for cure and thermo-viscoelastic analyses. Third, the predicted residual stresses can improve the design where properties like fatigue and residual strength need to be considered. 
With the developed models, other effects like cutting, bonding doublers and stringers can be simulated to obtain the results for a completely featured fuselage panel made of GLARE.