€ 5,000 for the best university student

Nieuws - 02 juni 2015 - G. van der Zaken

The Dutch Aerospace Awards 2015, “Stimulus to Excel”

The Dutch Aerospace Fund (NLF) is awarding three Aerospace Awards of 5,000 euros each. (download flyer)

One of these awards is available for a student or group of students at university level. Bachelor,  Master and PhD students are all eligible for the prize.

What would make you eligible for this award?
The NLF wants reward outstanding students. So we are looking for exceptional students who have done something special during their education. What would be eligible for the prize? Examples are:
• During your internship you have shown that an airline can save if considerable amounts of money when they approach the work in a new way.
• During you master thesis research you have (re)developed an aircraft part made of plastic that has consequently become much lighter while still meeting all requirements.
• You have developed a new logistical system for a cargo carrier that helps saving considerable amounts of money.
• You have developed an innovative insight into air law.
• Together with a group of fellow students you have performed a special DSE-project.

In short, we are looking for that special student that helps the Dutch aerospace sector to improve and become more competitive at the World level.

How can you participate?

Each student or group of students at university level who has done some innovative aerospace related work can participate. That may be anything in the area of services, logistics, law, economics or engineering. There is no limit to the number of entries per university. Both individual work and group work are eligible for the award

If you think you qualify for the prize you can register. This is done in two steps. The first step is to submit your idea to the contact person of your own university. For the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering that is Dr.ir. René Alderliesten. If he supports your  submission you then go to the website www.luchtvaartfonds.nl -> register and enter the contest. There you can fill out the form and tell you what your entry is.

Can submit until 31 August. After that date all ideas will be judged by an expert jury. The three best entries will be invited to come to the award ceremony and explain their work. The award ceremony will be held in October / November. There the winner will be announced.

More information: www.luchtvaartfonds.nl