ERC grant for CANVAS

Nieuws - 25 januari 2016 - Webredactie TBM

TPM researchers Jan van den Berg, Michel van Eeten and Ibo van de Poel received an ERC grant for the HORIZON2020 proposal CANVAS: Constructing an Alliance for Value-driven Cybersecurity.

The growing complexity of the digital ecosystem in combination with increasing global risks entails the danger that enforcing cybersecurity may bypass other fundamental values like autonomy, equality, fairness or privacy. On the other side, downplaying cybersecurity would undermine citizens’ trust and confidence in the digital infrastructure.

CANVAS Consortium

Technology developers, legal and philosophical scholars have dealt already for many years with cybersecurity issues and empirical research has gathered data and insights from various specific angles. Within the CANVAS consortium, these different perspectives will be united from the presupposition that technology development in cybersecurity should be value-driven, i.e. should incorporate European values and fundamental rights.

CANVAS consists of partners from various scientific traditions: ethical, legal, empirical and technological from 11 universities. Main goals of the consortium are to:

  1. Structure existing knowledge in ethics, law, empirical and technological research related to cybersecurity
  2. Design a network for exchanging knowledge
  3. Disseminate the insights gained through various means such as briefing packages for policy stakeholders and a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

TU Delft will lead the Knowledge Consolidation Ethics work package due to its internationally recognised activities in the area of “responsible innovation” and its renowned contributions to the field of ethics and ICT.


The team (as mentioned in the proposal) consists of Jan van den Berg (professor Cyber Security at TPM and EEMCS), Christian Doerr (assistant professor within the Cyber Security Group at EEMCS), Zekeriya Erkin (assistant professor in the Cyber Security Group of EEMCS), Ibo van de Poel (Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Professor in Ethics and Technology at TPM), Michel van Eeten (professor of Governance of Cyber Security at TPM) and Joost Groot Kormelink (TPM Coordinator for Open & Online Education).  Where needed, other scientists at TPM and EEMCS will be invited to participate in the activities of this team.