Open Government MOOC finalized with 3,500 participants

Nieuws - 18 mei 2016 - Webredactie TBM

Over 3,500 people participated in the Open Government MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) organized by Anneke Zuiderwijk (ICT-section), Marijn Janssen (ICT-section), Martijn Pronk (Student-Assistant – SEPAM) and Danika Marquis (Extension School). Out of these 3,500 participants, 168 successfully completed the MOOC and received a certificate.

Open Government

‘Open government’ efforts are about utilizing Information and Communication Technologies to make clear and influence what is going on inside the government. This should result in the creation of transparency and stimulating engagement with citizens. The Open Government course provided an introduction to Open Government and dealt with topics related to opening and using government data, technical and legal aspects and public values related to Open Government.

152 countries

The course ran from March 14 to April 25 an attracted a wide range of participants from 152 countries from all over the world. As part of the course, participants completed quizzes, assignment and a final exam. The assignments provided an interesting overview of cases of how Open Government is organized in different countries. This overview was accessible for all the participants and will be used for future research.

Follow-up course Open Data Governance and Use

For professionals who are interested in learning more about one particular element of Open Government, namely open data, a follow-up course concerning Open Data Governance and Use will be launched in October 2016. The Open Government MOOC will most probably run again in 2017.