TPM delivers ‘At the Scene 2’ game to Dutch police

Nieuws - 02 mei 2016 - Webredactie TBM

Nowadays, we are facing on-going threats of attacks, especially in public spaces, representing vital values of western society. The Dutch police aims at being well-prepared towards such uncertain and dangerous situations. TPM research and development supported them in their endeavour towards a safer society with the At The Scene 2 project. 

Within this project, the TU Delft Gamelab created a new training level and scenario for the Dutch police in corporation with The Barn, a Delft-based game development company.

3D virtual environment

The game, made with Unreal Engine 4, introduces a new 3D virtual environment for police officers and guards to train protocols and procedures in non-common situations. The game scenario is based on safeguarding a person in a public space. The environment can also be used to explore the surroundings without having to visit the place in real life. The TU Delft Gamelab provided in-game models, game characters, and co-developed the scenario and the interface. In March, the game was delivered to the police organisation, where it is well received as an innovative training tool.

Together with TPM researchers Heide Lukosch and Stephan Lukosch, The Barn developed technology to record the expressions and comments of the players during game-play, simultaneously to their actions and decisions within the 3D environment. With a post-game questionnaire, their feeling of presence and the usability of the system were evaluated. The data is currently being analysed to gather insights in design requirements and effects of such games.

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