New BEP project available: “Automated Detection of Disc Haemorrhages”.

Nieuws - 25 mei 2016 - ImPhys Webmaster

We have a new Bachelor End Project (BEP) available on “Automated Detection of Disc Haemorrhages from Longitudinal Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope Images of the Optic Disc”.      Interested in this new project? Please contact one of the below-mentioned supervisors.

Practical Information

  • Place: Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute and Delft University of Technology
  • Time/Duration: As soon as interested student is found/BEP project/2-3 months
  • People involved (supervisors):
    - Koen Vermeer, PhD
    - Lucas J. van Vliet, Prof. Dr. Ir. (contact email: L.J.vanVliet@TUDelft.NL)
    - Jibran, Mohamed Noriega, MD []
    - Kedir M. Adal, PhD student

More information can be found here.

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