OP: Erik Swarts started his BSc project

Nieuws - 31 oktober 2016

Erik started his BSc project on analytical solution for dipoles in multilayer systems". His supervisors are Aurele Adam & Johan Dubbeldam.

The goal of the project project is to find a general analytical solution for the electromagnetic field inside dipole-doped one-dimensional optical multilayer systems, and also to calculate reflection and transmission coefficients of incoming electromagnetic waves. The resulting algorithm should provide a solution for a system having arbitrarily many layers and dipoles inside them.

A numerical matrix solution for this problem already exists, but an analytical solution can provide overall stability and significantly faster calculations. The research is based on an existing technique, that uses extended Fabry-Perot equations to calculate transmission and reflection in regular (no dipole containing) multilayer systems, that will be extended to calculate what we need. Once this solution is retrieved, the next goal is to optimise this alghoritm for even faster calculation.

The results of this project could probably be used to enhance the performance of optical multilayer coatings or small light emitting devices. Since the computational properties of the algorithm will be better, these improvements can be done more efficiently.

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