OP: PhD Zheng Zhu for 4 years with a CSC scholarship

Nieuws - 14 november 2016

Zheng Zhu is a PhD for 4 years, with a  CSC scholarship and we will be working ons his project on "the absolute length metrology". His supervisors are: Prof. Paul Urbach and Dr. Nandini Bhattacharya.

 Zheng Zhu obtained his MSc in Optical Engineering in the Chinese University of Petroleum at 2015. During his master period, he concentrated on Femtosecond Laser research at Chinese Academy of Science, Institution of Physics Research from 2013-2015.

Now he is working with Prof. Urbach Paul(TUD) ,Aurele Adam(TUD) and Prof. XiaoCong Yuan(Shen Zhen University).His current research field include Surface Plamon Application with  Femtosecond Laser pulse