OP: Thomas van den Hooven started his BSc project

Nieuws - 14 oktober 2016

Thomas has started his BSc project which focusses on the modelling a computational hyperspectral imaging device. His supervisors are Paul Urbach, Yifeng Shao and Matthias Strauch.

Most hyperspectral imaging devices ‘scan’ their object in wavelength: a picture is taken for every wavelength and later this data is merged. This device will rather scan the hyperspectral electromagnetic field emitted by the object using a spatial light modulator (SLM): one moving point will scan along the SLM and another point will be used as a reference. The light transmitted through the SLM will then interfere, making it possible to obtain relative phase and amplitude information for each wavelength at each point of the SLM.

The advantages of this method are evident, using a fast SLM, the needed interference patterns can be captured relatively quick. Also, the method can in theory process a lot of wavelength at once. Unfortunately, the method also requires a lot of processing power. The goal of this project is to find of this method is feasible to be used as an alternative in hyperspectral imaging.

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