QI: Milan Niestijl completed his BSc thesis project

Nieuws - 06 juli 2016 - ImPhys Webmaster

Milan Niestijl completed his bachelor research project on the effects of aging on the brain’s white matter structures in 100 subjects of a large population study. He demonstrated in a longitudinal study that changes of white matter biomarkers in individuals can be estimated with a precision that is an order of magnitude better than the variation in across-sectional study. This is an important first step towards early diagnosis of dementia. (5 July 2016)

Volume fraction of the Corpus Callosum for 100 subjects as a function of age. The outcome for three scans are connected by line segments (t0-t1 in green, t1-t2 in red).

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For access to theses you can have a look in TU Delft Repository. TU Delft Repository is the digital storage of publications of TU Delft. 

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