QI: Robert Baart completed his BSc thesis project

Nieuws - 06 juli 2016 - ImPhys Webmaster

Robert Baart completed his bachelor research project on a project in collaboration with the Rotterdam Eye Hospital. He designed and implemented a method for estimating the RNFL fiber bundle orientation extracted from 3D SD-OCT data. This information is useful for predicting the outcome of visual field tests due to degeneration of the nerve fibers around the optical nerve head. (5 July 2016) 

En face image of the RNFL (top) and estimated fiber bundle orientation (bottom). Note that the blood vessels  (isolated line structures in upper image) do not disturb the estimation of the RNFL’s orientation.


More information? 
For access to theses you can have a look in TU Delft Repository. TU Delft Repository is the digital storage of publications of TU Delft.