QI: Sjoerd Stallinga develops 3D scanner with Philips

Nieuws - 24 februari 2016 - ImPhys Webmaster

Imaging specialist Dr Sjoerd Stallinga is collaborating with Philips on a scanner that can create 3D images of tissues in a single pass. Pathology generally uses 2D tissue imaging scanners. These images are fine for thin tissue slices, but 3D is necessary for thicker slices.

As part of the research project, Sjoerd Stallinga, from the Imaging Physics department, collaborates with Bas Hulsken, digital pathology specialist at Philips. Together they have spent a great deal of time making the scanner suitable for digital pathology. On the Kennislink website Stallinga explains: “Normally, a device scans in three colours (red, green and blue), because that is enough for a colour representation for the human eye. Every colour a human sees consist of a combination of those three colours. This device can now scan up to five colours. This allows the computer to visualise things that are invisible to the human eye. The idea is that the additional information this provides will be relevant for patient diagnosis.”

The 3D scanner’s research phase is over and in early 2016 the first series of test models will be released. Stallinga and Hulsken want to spend the rest of the year debugging the system. Their intention is to be able to send the scanner to pathology departments and research labs in 2017. The project doesn’t focus on a specific ailment. Hulsken: “We have conversely designed the scanner to be as widely applicable as possible. Ultimately, we want to digitise pathology.”    

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