ERC Starting Grant voor Manuel Mazo Jr.

Nieuws - 17 augustus 2017 - Webredactie 3mE

Manuel Mazo Jr., onderzoeker en docent bij Delft Center for Systems and Control (DCSC) heeft een ERC Starting Grant toegewezen gekregen. Manuel doet onderzoek naar control systems.

Manuel Mazo Jr:

“I focus on the study of the interactions between physical systems and the communication and computation platforms and algorithms employed to control them. Advanced mathematical methods are necessary to truly realize the revolution promised by technological advances in areas like the Internet-of-things or Industry 4.0”.

(alleen beschikbaar in het Engels)

The advances in electronic communication and computation have enabled the ubiquity of Cyber-Physical Systems: digital systems that regulate and control all sorts of physical processes, such as chemical reactors, water distribution and power networks. These systems rely on the timely communication of sensor measurements and control actions to provide their prescribed functionalities. Event-triggered control (ETC) techniques, which communicate only when needed to enforce performance, have attracted attention as a mean to reduce the communication traffic and save energy on (wireless) networked control systems. However, despite ETC’s great communication reductions, the scheduling of the aperiodic and largely unpredictable traffic that ETC generates remains widely unaddressed – hindering its true potential for energy and bandwidth savings.

To tackle the scheduling problem, Mazo employs methods at the cross-roads between theoretical computer science, control systems and communications engineering. He uses a two-step approach:

1.      modeling as timed-priced-game-automata the timing of communications of event-triggered control systems; and

2.      solving games over timed-priced-game-automata to prevent data communication collisions and ensure prescribed performances for the control tasks.

Mazo will produce algorithms facilitating the efficient implementation of control loops over shared communication resources and increasing the energy efficiency of wireless networked control systems by orders of magnitude. The advances will be demonstrated on automotive and wireless water-distribution control applications, showcasing the potential economic impact from the reduction of implementation and maintenance costs on Cyber Physical Systems. Furthermore,  this research will open new venues to improve the security of wireless control systems employing sparse communications.

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Over de ERC Starting Grant
De ERC Starting Grant is afkomstig van de European Research Council (ERC) en wordt voor vijf jaar toegekend aan wetenschappers die een onafhankelijk team of programma leiden en die de potentie hebben om zich te ontwikkelen tot onderzoekers van wereldklasse. De Grant bedraagt maximaal 1,5 miljoen euro.