Today we had our annual GSE/GRS Research Day in the Theaterzaal at Culture. The central theme of the day was “Is science only an opinion?”, where focus was on the role of (our) science in the public debate, in the Trumpocene, etc. 

Therefore we have asked new staff member of our 2 departments to introduce themselves but we have asked them to concentrate their talk around the “controversial" parts of their research theme. It all led to several debates during the day.

Keynote lectures

There were 2 keynote lectures. In the morning session a lecture by Hans Alders and in the afternoon by Prof. Jeroen van den Hoven and Prof. Tim van der Hagen.

Award ceremony

After the debates the award ceremony took place.

Best Paper AwardThe nominees for Best Paper Award:

  • Albert Oude Nijhuis
  • Kevin Bisdom
  • Yohei Nishitsuji
  • Yu Sun
  • Pieter Smets
  • Thomas Frederikse
  • Helena van de Vegt
  • Sami S.Esfahany
  • Pawan Bharadwaj
  • R. Shamasundar

And the winners were: Thomas Frederikse (GRS) and Yohei Nishitsuji:

Best Thesis Award
The nominees for Best Thesis Award:

  • Ahmed Al Ayesh
  • Reinier Oost
  • Kirsten Alphenaar
  • Rahul Prabhakaran
  • Joeri Brackenhoff
  • Manuel Blum
  • Pim van Dorp
  • Gatien de Callatay

 And the winners were: Pim van Dorp (GRS) and Joeri Brackenhoff (GSE):

Best Poster
The award for Best Poster was for Thomas Frederikse and Arash Maghsoudloo:

We hope you all of you have enough inspiration for the coming year and we will be seeing you all at the GSE/GRS Research Day 2018!