New in the department of GSE: Geothermal Team

Nieuws - 04 december 2017 - Webredactie CiTG

We have the vision that TU Delft will become a Knowledge Centre and a global player for Geothermal research and development. We will utilise our expertise and skills to grow a substantial research and educational theme on Geothermal Energy within the Department of Geoscience and Engineering (GSE). We commit to considerably expanding our research infrastructure and capabilities to deliver this vision. The geothermal doublet on campus (DAPwell) will be a unique and integral part of the geothermal research infrastructure. It will add a critical component to the current engagement of TU Delft within the energy transition (e.g. wind, solar, smart grids), as heat makes up ~80% of the energy use in the urban environment. Click here for information and meet the team.