Henk Schuttelaars got a NWO grant

Nieuws - 23 november 2017 - Communication

Within the joint research project 'Sustainable Deltas' with lead PI Henk Schuttelaars (DIAM), the project 'Salt intrusion: Understanding the Pearl River Estuary by Modelling and field Experiments' was funded (2 PhD students and 1 PostDoc). The overall aim of the project is to understand the three-dimensional salt transport mechanisms, and their sensitivity to variations in external forcing and geometry/bathymetry, with a specific focus on the Pearl River Estuary in China.

Within the project, an integrated approach will be used, including field observations, numerical and idealized modeling. The Mathematical Physics group at Delft will focus on the latter aspect:  using mathematical techniques, an idealized model will be developed and analysed to gain insight in the most important physical mechanisms. Our Chinese partner (Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou) and English partner (National Oceanography Centre, Liverpool) will simultaneously conduct field measurements and numerical modeling experiments, which will be discussed and combined during extended visits and workshops.