"Ik zou graag verder gaan op het academische pad"

Nieuws - 13 maart 2017

PhD kandidate Nelly Ng (QuTech // Stephanie Wehner) promoveert op 29 maart met haar thesis: A Theory of Thermodynamics for Nanoscale Quantum Systems.

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Nelly: ā€œIn my research, I discovered a family of generalized free energies that constitutes all necessary conditions for a thermodynamical state transition to occur -- this represents a refinement of thermodynamics in the light of nanoscale quantum systems, even those as small and simple as a single qubit. We apply these second laws to study quantum heat engines, and find additional limitations to the efficiency which such machines can achieve, signifying a fundamental departure from classical thermodynamics due to finite size quantum effects. I like this field of research because it is something new. The problem seems obvious, but there are different approaches to this problem, and people seem to differ in opinion on which approach is best. I am interested in linking these different approaches and views. After my defence I will join my husband in Australia. He is a scientist in experimental quantum communication. I would like to continue down the academic path and becoming a lecturer or professor is my ultimate goal.ā€

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