Delft Harvey Texas Research Team

Nieuws - 05 september 2017

Delft Harvey Texas Research Team

At TU Delft, we have put together an interdisciplinary team to conduct research and respond to Hurricane Harvey funded by DIMI.

Team setup

The Delft Harvey Texas Research Team has been initiated by Prof. dr. ir. S.N. (Bas) Jonkman and is coordinated by Dr. Baukje Kothuis (Texas-TU Delft liaison for CiTG, TBM & BK) and Dr. Antonia Sebastian (CiTG and Rice University Houston). The initial core team will also include Kasper Lendering (CiTG Hydraulic Structures and Flood Risk) and Kenny Meesters (TBM Emergency and Response).

The extended team will consist of faculty, staff, and students from CiTG, TBM, and BK at TU Delft and is partnered with researchers from the Department of Water & Climate at the VU in Amsterdam, the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEVE) Rice University Houston, the Department of Marine Sciences (MARS) at Texas A&M Galveston, and Deltares. An expert team will be formed to produce and review a report over the coming month.

<link en ceg over-faculteit departments hydraulic-engineering sections hydraulic-structures-and-flood-risk research delft-harvey-texas-research-team _blank>More information about the team, you can find here.

Data Collection Event: Harvey Hackathon!

On September 13 a major data-collection event led by <link en tpm about-the-faculty departments multi-actor-systems people professors prof-dr-ba-bartel-van-de-walle>Prof. dr. Bartel van der Walle took place at the Delft Science Center. Over 80 professionals, researchers and students will gather data from multidisciplinary sources, which are then assembled in data-sets and integrated maps to be used for research purposes in later phases. The team will deliver an initial report and presentation at the end of the ‘fact finding’ phase.

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