Pathways approach applied in New Zealand

Nieuws - 20 december 2017

Last month, the Ministry for the Environment of New Zealand published its Coastal hazards and climate change: Guidance for local government. The plan is a first answer to the critique voiced by the NZ Herald that New Zealand doesn't have a 'nationally coordinated plan' to adapt to climate change. The guidance recommends a new ‘pathways’ approach to adaptive planning that is dynamic and flexible. The guidance is based on the work of Marjolijn Haasnoot, Jan Kwakkel and other researcher at the policy analysis section on Dynamic Adaptive Policy Pathways (DAPP), and was pioneered in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. New Zealand is among the first countries in the world adopting DAPP as it basic method to address climate change. Similar initiatives are ongoing in Bangladesh, Indonesia (Jakarta), and Vietnam. The policy analysis section is involved in each of these.

Marjolijn Haasnoot, Jan Kwakkel en Jos Timmermans


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