Nieuws - 26 september 2017

NWO project Self-organization among autonomous agents in nautical processes in modern seaports (SWARMPORT)

In seaports, many different activities are needed to service a ship. Because of the sheer number of services, the various actors, the many relations formed between them and the sensitivity to external disruptions, the system is complex and its management is far from a trivial task. The performance of this chain of services determines the efficiency of operations and boosts port competitiveness. The development of strategies to increase performance can benefit from quantitative models that support the evaluation of possible strategies.

The aim of SwarmPort is to improve our understanding on the chain of nautical handling services offered at seaports to vessels. In addition, it models ports operational processes by implementing agent-based modelling from a self-organizational, complex system perspective. Finally, the ultimate goal is to design self-organisational strategies for port processes that increase the resilience, flexibility and reliability of the offered services.

The SwarmPort project is funded by the Netherlands Research Organisation (NWO).  It began in April 2017 and its duration will be for  four years.

In the SwarmPort project TU Delft collaborates with the Maastricht University, TNO, Rotterdam Port Authority, Intertransis, ECT and SmartPort.

For information about the project please contact Prof. L.A. Tavasszy
(e-mail:  L.A.Tavasszy@tudelft.nl  )

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