Recently three alumni from the faculty of Aerospace Engineering were added to the network of AE Alumni Ambassadors. The Ambassadors form the active link between the faculty of Aerospace Engineering and our Alumni Chapters abroad, Toulouse, Hamburg/Bremen and Munich. The new Ambassadors are: Taco Stouten (Toulouse), Derk Daverschot (Bremen) and Michael Grootenboer (Bremen). Ivor van Dartel, one of our previous Hamburg Ambassadors, will fulfil this role in Munich.

What is an Alumni Chapter?

An Alumni Chapter is a ‘networking hub’ of alumni abroad. It has the goal of forming an active network and link between the faculty and alumni located within specified geographical locations. At this moment we have three successful chapters up and running, each of which has hosted several networking events. Each Chapter has one or more Alumni Ambassadors – alumni who form the active link between the alumni in the region and faculty. They help organize Chapter events and regularly discuss the future of the Chapters as well as opportunities for further collaboration.

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