Cover story for Abdullah Alattas: supporting indoor navigation

Nieuws - 02 januari 2018 - Webredactie-OTB

A cover story for Abdullah Alattas et al in the International Journal of Geo-information, December 2017: Supporting Indoor Navigation Using Access Rights to Spaces Based on Combined Use of IndoorGML and LADM Models.

Abdullah investigated with other researchers from Delft University of Technology, Netherlands Cadastre, University of Athens and Pusan National University the combined use of the international IndoorGML standard and Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) to define accessibility of indoor spaces based on ownership and/or usage rights (RRRs in general). Currently, navigation inside buildings is performed based on connectivity of spaces and user preferences without taking into account the specific usage rights and times of access. Therefore, to provide a more effective navigation, the indoor environment and the usage rights and times must be considered to avoid all non-accessible spaces (forbidden spaces). LADM makes it possible to establish a relationship between the indoor space and the user (groups) by assigning RRRs to each indoor space to indicate accessible places.

Open access article:

Authors: Abullah Alattas, Sisi Zlatanova and Peter van Oosterom (Delft University of Technology), Efstathia Chatzinikolaou (University of Arthens), Christiaan Lemmen (Netherlands Cadastre) and Ki-Joune Li (Pusan National University, Korea)