What are the policy options for housing equity as additional pension? OTB is part of a seven member European research consortium Integrating Residential Property with Private Pension Provision led by iff-Hamburg to find answers. The research is funded by the European Commission DG Employment and Social Affairs.

The research involves examining the experience and patterns with respect to housing, pensions, mortgages and equity release type products in the UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands Hungary and Ireland. Professor Marja Elsinga is the overall leader for TU Delft.

Pensions in Europe are under pressure and housing equity is more and more considered as additional pension. However to turn housing equity into pension. equity release is an issue. So far in the Netherlands the housing equity release market is very limited. But that will most probably change in the near future! TU Delft is on top of exploring this as partner in a European project.

The project seeks to establish what policy options may exist that could afford individuals and households the opportunity to obtain housing and retirement income in a more complementary manner over a lifecycle. These phenomena often involve the largest financial commitments in people’s lives.

The project explores how housing equity can be released and functions as a source of additional pension. It analyses consumer attitudes towards housing equity release products. Moreover it builds a network of consumers, providers and policy makers on this topic in all seven countries. The aim of the project is to come up with a pan European strategy to enable households to turn housing equity into income in old age.


Marja Elsinga

  • m.g.elsinga@tudelft.nl