The research programmes OTB is involved in (Urban and Regional Studies, Housing in a Changing Society and Geo-Information Governance and Technology) have recently been well-reviewed by an independent international review committee. The research quality was rewarded ‘world leading/excellent’ to ‘very good’ and its societal relevance ‘world leading/excellent’. The faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment as a whole was assessed being 'very high' regarding research quality and as 'world leading/excellent’ regarding societal relevance.

The review committee on the three research programmes:

Housing in a Changing Society made an significant increase in the number of PhD students. The programme maintained a fairly constant level of research output. Many members serve in editorial boards and hold visiting positions in overseas universities. The group has participated in events and projects that put housing in the context of energy efficiency, resilient cities, ageing and new concepts of welfare.

The ambition of Urban and Regional Studies with regard to research quality is very high as shown by abundant publications in journals and a series of books. The key staff members are internationally renowned scholars and often speakers, editorial board members and parliamentary hearings. The research themes are very socially and policy relevant.

The research quality of Geo-information Governance and Technology….is cutting edge and in line with both European and Dutch scientific agendas. Relevance to society is the area in which Geo-TG has made outstanding achievements.

Daniëlle Groetelaers