CIVIS ‘YouPower’ nominated for Innovation Radar Prize: vote now!

Nieuws - 25 september 2017

The European Commission has selected the CIVIS project to compete for the Innovation Radar Prize 2017. Nine other innovations have been selected for the ‘Tech for Society’ category. The winner will be awarded in Budapest during the ICT Proposers Day event on 9-10 November 2017. The poll is now open for public votes. Vote now for YouPower!

Social app

YouPower is an open source web application that makes people more aware of their energy consumption and encourages them to look together for new solutions for CO2 reduction. The app does not only inform citizens about relevant data and actions, but also to enables them to share their experiences. The continuous interaction with other users will create a community that empowers citizens to look together for new solutions. People make a system smarter, and YouPower makes this possible. The app is available through the CIVIS site, and through Facebook. This project is part of the section Systems Engineering Yilin Huang, Martijn Warnier en Frances Brazier.

About the Innovation Radar Prize

The Innovation Radar initiative of the European Commission is actively identifying high potential EU-funded innovations and innovators and seeking to help them get their innovation 'out of the lab' and into (or at least closer to) the market. As part of this the annual Innovation Radar Prize is organised to champion high potential innovations - and the related innovators – from around Europe.