I AM RRI proposal obtains HORIZON2020 funding

Nieuws - 18 december 2017

Geerten van de Kaa has, together with Roland Ortt and Cees van Beers, managed to obtain 3 million euro HORIZON2020 funding for the I AM RRI project proposal. Additive manufacturing, or 3d printing for industry, is a fast growing and widespread phenomenon. Nowadays almost anything can be printed, from car parts to human organs. Not much is known however about the innovation network of stakeholders involved in the value chains, nor how ethical considerations can be incorporated. This project intends to change that.

About I AM RRI
Van de Kaa: ‘In additive manufacturing several parties are involved. Not all the work is done within one company. It makes the value chain complex and dynamic and it raises ethical questions such as: who is responsible for the final product? Take for example a 3D printed liver, who is responsible when it malfunctions? Is it the person that develops the standard format upon which the liver is based, the manufacturer that prints the liver based on the format or the doctor who puts it in the body?’

Comprehensive knowledge base
‘We want to establish a comprehensive knowledge base and thorough understanding of the network’s components, processes and interconnections, forming the foundation for building a dynamic model. I will be in charge of the scientific part of the project,’ says Van de Kaa. The model will simulate rapidly developing and complex future changes of the network and its crisscrossing value chains.

Participatory approach
Additive manufacturing in the automotive and medical industry will serve as pilot cases to refine the model and to showcase its applicability, adaptability and acceptance amongst all stakeholders. In total sixteen European partners are involved. Project coordinator is the Montanuniversitaet Leoben in Austria.

Geerten van de Kaa

is Assistant Professor of Standardisation and Business Strategy at Delft University of Technology. He works at the ETI section of the department of Values, Technology and Innovation.

Our participation in the IAMRRI project is funded under the Grant Agreement number No. 788361.