At the end of June 2017, on the occasion of the AS Science Day, Researchers within our faculty were given the chance to win a grant of 2500 euro by writing a proposal for a new collaboration with a scientist from another department of Applied Sciences.

The jury, consisting of members from each scientific department of AS, received a total of 18 ‘scienceDATE’ proposals. The evaluation criteria were been based on whether the research project:

  • Will be successful given the background of the scientists
  • Is relevant within the context of the departments involved
  • Opens the door to a lasting collaboration and has a potential to attract bigger funding
  • Is novel and scientifically challenging
  • Is viable

Naturally, jury members were not allowed to judge proposals from their own department. The following proposals and researchers have won a grant:


Name 1

Name 2

Enzymatically-Controlled synthesis of Titania/MgO    

McMillan (BT)

Eijt (RST)

A photocatalytic approach to detect phage-induced    

Aparicio (BN)

Rauch (BT)

Extracting therapeutic Lutetium-177 using     

Bhardwaj (RST)

Totlani (ChemE)

High resolution prompt gamma

Lens (RST)

Trull (ImPhys)

Monitoring enzymes in action

Bhattacharya (ImPhys)

Hagedoorn (BT)

Optical modeling helps biophysicists to measure

Ha (BN)

Tang (ImPhys)

Ultrasonic Technique

Mastromarino (RST)

Verschuur (ImPhys)

Design of photonic nanostructures

Brunner (RST)

Kuipers (QN)