The first project of the new Smart Public Transport Lab will be monitoring the effects of the new 'Noord-Zuid' metroline in Amsterdam. It is very likely that the introduction of the long awaited line will significantly change the travel behaviour of people. TU Delft will help in analysing the travel behaviour data. 

It will still take a few months before the new metroline will start running, however when it happens it is expected that a lot of people will change their trip and choose the new metroline for reaching their destination. The operator of public transport services in Amsterdam, GVB, will collect data about the usage of the new metroline. The new Smart Public Transport Lab of TU Delft, led by dr. ir Niels van Oort and dr. Oded Cats will analyse the available data. 

The data will be analysed to find patterns in travel related choices people make and also to research the total usage of the new metroline.  The research is part of a larger programme for the municipality of Amsterdam. The municipality would like to know what the economical (such as effects for the job market and prices of real-estate) and transport effects are of the introduction of the new metroline.

More information, in Dutch, here: Delta & Parool. Headerphoto: copyright Gé Dubbelman