Last June the Researclab Automated Driving Delft, or in short RADD, opened up at our campus. TU Delft TV paid them a visit to take a look a what exactly they are working on and why. It is expected that these new kinds of urban mobility will result in a much higher quality of living in cities. To achieve this lot's of testing has to be done, researchers can do just that at our campus, at The Greenvillage. 

Next to testing vehicles, RADD is also working on ethical isseus concering autonomous cars. "If you have to choose between two people, and you find out that one has a criminal record, do you take that into account? And how far can privacy go? It’s something to think about now and in the future as now we are not far enough that our vehicles can make these decisions.” according to Koen Lekkerkerker, working at RADD for the WEpod. 

Researchlab Automated driving at the TU Delft

But future is coming, next year WEpod will start shutteling passengers at Weeze airport and is already in operation at Wageningen University. However before everyone will drive an autonomous car will still take some time. Lekkerkerker: "I think it will be 30 years before we have cities full of self-driving cars, at all speeds on all kinds of roads. We are doing our best to make that possible."

  • Would you like to contribute to the research into morel dilemma's facing automatic vehicles? Judge for yourself using MIT's Moral Machine, and see how you compare to others.